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>Christine Perey

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Christine Perey

Christine Perey is an industry analyst and active leader of new technology industry initiatives. She was an early evangelist for use of streaming media and personal (desktop) videoconferencing for 15 years until, in 2006, she began to study mobile Augmented Reality to increase operational efficiencies in business and enrich the lives of people. Her company provides services and programs for executives building and acquiring AR-enabling technologies as well as to the largest enterprise AR platform customers. Christine has started and led many communities of interest. She is an advocate for interoperable Augmented Reality content and experiences and, from 2009-2016, led a grassroots community dedicated to this purpose. Christine serves on numerous boards and standards working groups and is vice-chair of IEEE P1589. She is the founder, and from 2013 to 2016 served as the founding executive director of, the AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA), the only global member-based organization accelerating AR adoption in enterprise. In 2018, she became a founding member of the Open AR Cloud association and now serves on the governing board and co-chairs the Reality Capture, Indexing, Mapping and GeoPose Working Group. When not traveling, Christine lives and works in Montreux, Switzerland.


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Is it time for Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to meet Augmented Reality?

Results of an AR for Enterprise Alliance Research Project.
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