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Les Surprises du Cerveau n°2


A visit through your emotions

“In vivo” Laboratory

For the first time in Europe 300 humans connect simultaneously with Head Mounted Displays (HMD) for a real time performance, that is a voyage in the human brain.

Pr Antoine Widmer from HES-HO, the research scientist Corrado Cali and Pr Pierre Magistretti from Kaust university will use the Unity technology to create an “in vivo” laboratory and collect datas on the attendees’ emotional feedback. A research paper on the experience will be published after the experience.

In a second act, composer-pianist Richard Rentsch and musician-neuroscientist Dr. Nathaniel Evans will explore the intersection of music, film, and emotion. This participative, live performance will be followed by round-table discussions between neuroscientists and artists who will explore audio-visual couplings and their effect on emotion.


Open to all, professionals and general audience :

  • Virtual Reality sessions —————————— Free*
  • Cocktail access —————————————— 50 CHF **

* within the limit of the number of places available: first-come

** The cocktail access is included in all packages and in the Saturday one day pass. Please RSVP below.


Les Surprises du Cerveau


Door opens


Welcome and introduction


An immersive visit into the brain’s center of emotions
4 Virtual Reality sessions
Images produced by a C.A.V.E. (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) interspersed with interactive comments by scientists


Lively public interactions will follow to explore the contrast between individual immersions and public experiences.


Interaction between music, visual art and emotions:
The public will interact with 4 musical illustrations which explore how combining music with video in different ways can evoke both shared and unique emotions.


Cocktail (by registration)

Replay Conferences
Available for free