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>Journey towards training 20,000 crew members with VR

Journey towards training 20,000 crew members with VR


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Marc Langsteiner

Marc, Head of Product Management, is a well experienced product manager and strategic developer. He started his career as economist in the field of sales and business development with a strong focus on evolving new markets and segments. At Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) he holds the position as Head of Product Management. The core business of his team is the strategic and commercial development of the aviation training for the Lufthansa Group Airlines. One of the main activities is the introduction of the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality technology (VR/AR) for the crew training. To establish the digital training environment, LAT launched two VR Labs in Munich and Frankfurt with a training capacity for 20.000 crew members. This will shape the future of aviation training within the Lufthansa Group.
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