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>Accessible Volumetric Capture

Accessible Volumetric Capture


About The Exhibitor

Richard Broadbridge

Richard Broadbridge is the CEO of 4DViews, the oldest volumetric capture company in the market today.  "For years digital worlds have been empty of real people you can see, hear and relate to. Volumetric capture allows us to fill this void and transport real humans into digital worlds. By building XR experiences around people we care about, digital storytelling and the computing experience itself are going to undergo truly profound revolutions." A French and American citizen Richard has now spent more than twelve years bringing 4DViews' technology to XR, audio-visual and research clients in North America, the UK, the EU, China, South Korea and Japan. When not travelling Richard resides in the French Alps where the 4DViews team balances week-long volumetric capture innovation with weekend recreation in a rugged Alpen environment.


About The Exhibitor


Since 2007, 4DViews has been designing dynamic volumetric capture systems: an innovation capable of filming people as virtual assets for use in any virtual environment. The brand new product generation, called HOLOSYS, is the result of years of research and engineering of both hardware components and software. The HOLOSYS is available worldwide for professional studios. As an industrialized and standardized volumetric capture system, it benefits from long-term support and is compatible with all major AR, VR and MR technologies.
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