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>Virtual Beings, Deepfakes and Avatars

Virtual Beings, Deepfakes and Avatars


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Lucas Hajka

Paul Menes

Paul Menes is the internationally respected, AV-rated (“Preeminent” – the highest rating granted North American lawyers) Co-Head of the Entertainment and Media Practice at ADLI Law Group. He provides “Creative Solutions for Creative People”, to his diverse entertainment and digital media clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. “Creative Solutions” involve Paul bringing his unique background and philosophy to his practice, so his clients are protected and can succeed. Paul’s like his clients’ guard dog – friendly and collaborative, unless he senses a potential threat, danger or disadvantage a client may not. When that happens, Paul handles it. What makes Paul’s unique? •His business mindset. He focuses on his clients’ overall objectives, not just the individual transactions or matters that form parts of them. •As a former business litigator, Paul learned what can go wrong with contracts, and ways to prevent it. Paul’s contracts work. He writes them in plain English, so the parties understand their rights and obligations without constant legal interpretation, and have a successful relationship. He’s never had a contract litigated that he wrote or extensively revised — except once. And, his client won. • Paul’s always represented a broad range of “Creative People” in entertainment and digital media, including in XR, app creation, protection and monetization, online portals, social influencers – Paul’s often referred to as The Influencer Lawyer TM --, as well as those in music, TV, film, radio, branding and copyright. Paul’s also experienced on the creative side of entertainment and media projects. So, he has a 10,000-foot view and understands how all of a deal’s moving parts need to interact for his clients to be successful, and how to structure, write, and negotiate deals accordingly. Paul speaks, writes, and is interviewed and quoted frequently.

Yingzi Yuan

As a culture and entertainment industry specialist, Yingzi previously worked in entertainment holding group Vivendi (Universal Music, Gameloft...) as an innovation strategist. Then she joined Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab as an analyst, this background led her to become one of the company's task force with the mission to explore how new technologies could reshape the landscape of entertainment, analyzing their potential impact in various areas. Yingzi is also the founder of Europe China Video Game Association, aiming at helping professionals from both regions to connect and thrive.
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