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>Unleashing the potential of VR/AR: natural, intuitive interaction.

Unleashing the potential of VR/AR: natural, intuitive interaction.

VR and AR will continue to become more important in workplace training, manual learning, training in general and for sport, recreational and entertainment activities.  However, the current ‘state-of-the art’ has so far limited the immersive potential of VR and AR due to the lack of intuitive interaction.  VRfree® and the future products of Sensoryx are addressing this, enabling the full potential of VR and AR to be realized.  Bridging this immersion gap through the use of novel and innovative technologies to capture and digitize motion will be a key enabler in transforming VR and AR events into truly immersive and fully interactive experiences.


About the speaker

Rolf Adelsberger

Dr. Rolf Adelsberger received his Master’s in Computer Science and his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH). During his studies, he interned with IBM Rueschlikon and Boeblingen. His 2007 Master’s Thesis, which he compiled while at MERL/MIT lay the foundation for Sensoryx and VRfree®. Rolf’s vision to make movement and interaction is XR as natural and intuitive as in the real world has made him a pioneer and thought-leader in this field. The use of novel and innovative technologies to capture and digitize motion has been the foundation of Rolf’s approach during his academic career and through the establishment and commercialization of his Zurich-based company, Sensoryx.


About The Exhibitor


Sensoryx is a Swiss-based electronics startup that develops novel, intuitive controller systems for VR and AR. Our vision is to make interaction and movement in VR/AR as natural and intuitive as in the real world. VRfree® is the world’s first mobile XR glove system with integrated 3D hand- and finger tracking, offering full degrees of freedom, millimeter precision and compatibility with all major HMDs - stationary and mobile ones. Since all the 3D tracking is integrated into the 2 gloves and the headmodule, the system is lightweight, self-sufficient and simple to use. No external, stationary references such as cameras or infrared beacons are required. The system allows players to use their hands intuitively and in realtime in VR/AR, making the use of controllers obsolete. With the product’s mobile setup Sensoryx has one of the only controllers suited to interact with upcoming AR/MR glasses that may eventually replace current smartphones.
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