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>Mindfulness Experience

Mindfulness Experience

Aliki’s bigger passion is to accompany individuals and stratups to transform their reality into a Mindful Experience. Shaped through the years of architectural practice into the field of mindfulness and self-transformation, the design of experiences has always been her main focus. The experiences balance in the intersection of science and spirituality, inner and outer world. A combination of ancient practices and cutting-edge biofeedback methods is used to expand human potential with an intuitive yet objectively measured way, in some cases moving even beyond the individual to the physical space.


About The Speaker

Aliki Kostopoulou

Expat by choice and traveller by curiosity she has always been observing the cultural differences and studying the human behaviour across the 6 countries she has lived so far. Since a very young age she was curious to understand what happens in our brains but it was only after a burn out in 2016 while working for the Olympic Games in Brazil that finding a different way of life was not a luxury anymore but an emerging need!  Short after completing the first degrees of Vipassana and Reiki, she found herself absolutely passionate about the function of the human spirit and the innumerous ways we can expand our potential if we know how to use our minds and bodies properly. While constantly refining her personal practice through practices like mindfulness, NLP, Energy medicine, Neuroplasticity, Energy Alignment etc., her focus has always been in the intersection between science and spirituality. Currently, in order to achieve further enhancement of human experience while having tangible feedback, the latest biofeedback tracking methods are combined with ancient mindfulness tools into transdisciplinary practices. Her bigger passion right now is to accompany individuals and stratups to transform their reality into a Mindful Experience.

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