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>Women in Tech: Getting from #Me Too to #Me + Three

Women in Tech: Getting from #Me Too to #Me + Three

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, women are energized and empowered, but also angry, frustrated and still reeling. How we move past these events to close the gender & diversity divide is of the utmost importance. We must engage with men in a positive way, but more importantly, support each other. Let’s adopt the qualities that are the hallmark of great leaders and empower each other to move into our diverse future, together. The hope is that we can focus on making a powerful impact for those around us, creating a butterfly effect of positive change. We can pave the path forward with respect and grace, shedding the shackles of unconscious bias and obsolete social mores. The future isn’t just female – it’s all of us.


About The Speaker

Amy Peck

Amy Peck is the founder & CEO of EndeavorVR, a leading global XR strategy & consulting firm. Amy is a recognized thought-leader in the space and speaks globally on the future of XR. She is a venture partner at the Capital Region AR/VR Accelerator, holds several Advisory Board roles and Co-chairs The VRARA Enterprise Committee. She is an active mentor and member of many Women in Tech & STEM education organizations. Amy's passion for XR began at Leap Motion where she launched the Enterprise division working with clients across every major vertical including healthcare, entertainment, retail, hospitality, education and government. It became clear that there was a need to help foster XR development for enterprise and more importantly, shepherd these critical early wins. EndeavorVR was conceived for this very purpose. Amy continues her work with Fortune 500 clients, helping them adopt XR for both internal process and consumer-facing initiatives, including marketing, customer experience, productivity and training. She engages the top content creators, designers, developers and platform partners to bring these solutions to fruition. Her own personal mission is to see XR fundamentally improve every aspect of our lives with the goal of making this technology accessible and transformative for everyone.
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