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>Location Based Entertainment

Location Based Entertainment

Immersive Entertainment is creating experiences for consumers that are well, all consuming


About The Speaker

Joanna Popper

Joanna Popper is a Hollywood and Silicon Valley media executive. She is HP’s Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment. Prior she was EVP of Media & Marketing at Singularity University and VP Marketing at NBCUniversal. Joanna developed a TV show partnership with NBC and Singularity University for a new TV series on technology and innovation. Joanna was selected as “50 Women Can Change the World in Media and Entertainment,” “Top Women in Media: Game Changers,” “ “Top Women in Media: Industry Leaders,” “101 Women Leading the VR Industry” and is on the Coalition for the Women in XR Fund.

Max Rheiner

Max is Head of the Master Design Interaction Program at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK), who has been teaching in both the bachelors and masters programs for the Department of Interaction Design. In 2015, he founded the first ZHDK Spin-Off ‘SOMNIACS SA’, which transformed the research project ‘Birdly’ into a commercial product. His research and artistic interest center on interactive and immersive experiences which utilize methods from Virtual/Augmented Reality and Immersive Telepresence.

Eric Fantone

Eric started as a creative and technical consultant for companies like SND/M6 or Ubisoft before opening a service company for Asian and American producers. He coproduced several features, focusing on international projects, some selected at Cannes Film Festival and one for an Oscar. Eric also created LITTLE EMPIRE Entertainment, an international IP management company specialized in finding, developing and financing graphic novel and videogame IPs for the TV & film industry. He then joined forces with DVGroup to develop their studio activities in the LBE XR field.

Carl Guyenette

A philosophising futurist, computer scientist and conceptual creative technologist with a deep knowledge in neuroscience and emotional mapping.

Frank Kessaratos

With over 20 years of experience in international sales and marketing, Frank has worked for large multinationals as a global head of Marketing & Sales, CEO or Executive Vice President. He has successfully guided companies through their restructuring and their positioning within the global markets. Frank also has comprehensive skills in global team management. His knowledge of the international market, his vast network of partners and his broad experience allow Kynoa to achieve its distribution goals worldwide.
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About The Exhibitor

Somniacs – Birdly

Visually immersed through a Head Mounted Display you are embedded in a high resolution virtual landscape charged with interactive zones and entertaining surprises. Unlike a common flight simulator you do not conquer the sky with a joystick, mouse and lots of buttons: you simply embody a graceful bird. Birdly® approaches the dream of flying through combining the best available technology with unconventional design methods. You command your flight with arms and hands which directly correlates to the wings (flapping) and the primary feathers of the bird (navigation). This input is reflected in the flight model of the bird and returned as a physical feedback by the simulator through nick, roll and heave movements. To evoke an intense and immersive flying adventure SOMNIACS vigorously relies on precise sensory-motor coupling and strong visual impact. Additionally Birdly® includes sonic, and wind feedback: according to the speed the simulator regulates the headwind from a fan mounted in front of you.

Kynoa – Koliseum Soccer VR

Kynoa was born from the desire to create virtual reality (VR) entertainment that is accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Kynoa is a holistic VR entertainment creator that conceives develops, realizes and promote original and convincing VR experiences, that both blur the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world, but also fosters real world interactive connections between participants. To realize its ambitious projects, Kynoa relies on a committed and complementary team of professionals, who cover a wide array of talents and skills, from writers, illustrators, 3D graphic artists, sound designers, developers, e‐sport & community management specialists, to seasoned executives. Firmly established in the Canton of Geneva, Kynoa is committed to Switzerland's objective to become the world’s leading interactive media hub which offers both quality and efficiency for content and commercial relations.


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