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>Immersive Digiceuticals, XR in Cognitive Neuroscience & Neuroprospetics

Immersive Digiceuticals, XR in Cognitive Neuroscience & Neuroprospetics

How neuroscientific findings and neurotechnologies can be applied to human augmentation, showing that humans can embody and control multiple avatars, artificial limbs, surrogate bodies, and likely enable new forms of human consciousness.


About The Speaker

Prof. Dr. Olaf Blanke

Olaf Blanke is founding director of the Center for Neuroprosthetics and holds the Bertarelli Foundation Chair in Cognitive Neuroprosthetics at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He directs the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience at EPFL and is Professor of Neurology at the University Hospital of Geneva. His research focuses on the neuroscientific study of consciousness and the development of cognitive neuroprostheses. He investigates the brain mechanisms of body awareness, combining psychophysical and cognitive paradigms with all major neuroimaging techniques. He has pioneered the use of engineering techniques such as robotics, haptics, virtual reality, and their full integration with behavioral and physiological recordings (including MRI-compatible robotics), leading to the new research field of cognetics: the field of robotics and digital technologies dedicated to neuroscience research in cognition and consciousness studies. His clinical research projects focus on developing new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches exploring Robotics in neuropsychiatry and Digiceuticals.
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