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>Building an XR community deploying VR/AR applications

for training, shop floor, sales and marketing

Building an XR community deploying VR/AR applications

For training, shop floor, sales and marketing

In 2017, my team and I explored the possibilities of XR in Training and Authorization management. After a successful Master Thesis project with Hamburg University of Technology, we determined to go forward with the system and to develop a MVP for Quality Awareness in the global Product Division network. Not only did we realize the potentials of VR in technical and awareness trainings, we especially saw the advantages and synergies to other files that classically are not connected. This is how we sparked the interest of Lufthansa Technik Engines department for the development of a sales application that could make use of assets, scripts and experiences of already deployed solutions.


Focus on two aspects:

  • Experience with VR Training of Lufthansa Technik in a production department.
  • How VR connects fields of business that used to be unconnected and how to make this connection work.

About The Speaker

Felix Kuschel

Felix Kuschel joined Lufthansa Technik in 2009. After studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Darmstadt University of Technology and Princeton University, in 2015 he took over responsibility as Head of Quality Management and Training for the Landing Gear, Plating and Airframe Related Components (Nacelle and Flight Control Components) Shops at Lufthansa Technik’s Headquarters in Hamburg. As key part of the portfolio of the Training Department Felix and his team have developed VR applications since 2017. Together with the central IT team and various other departments, he is currently building a XR community that deploys VR and AR applications for training, shop floor, sales and marketing purposes.
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