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>Creating the Sound first approach to AR

Creating the Sound first approach to AR

What’s inspiring a growing technical and creative community to build AR experiences with a sound first approach? Michael Ludden will speak about the wearable devices and tools that developers and creators are using to build audio augmented experiences with Bose AR. Showcasing some of the more compelling and available “heads up and hands-free” applications, built by members of the Bose developer and creative community, you’ll hear how Bose AR is enabling new experiences for millions of users.


About The Speaker

Michael Ludden

Michael Ludden is a technologist, futurist, strategist, product leader and developer platform expert who loves to operate on the bleeding edge of what’s possible and is a frequent keynote speaker at events around the world. Currently Head of Developer Advocacy and Principal Augmented Reality Product Advoacate at Bose, Michael was previously Director of Product at IBM’s Watson Developer Labs & AR/VR Labs, Product/Developer Marketing Manager Lead at Google, Head of Product/Developer Marketing at Samsung and Product/Developer Evangelist at HTC, among other career stops. He has also been involved at various times in development, co-founding startups, tech show hosting, and even cruise-ship singing (don’t ask). As passionate about solving complex real-world problems as he is about Immersive Technologies (AR/VR) and Machine Learning (AI), Michael is also fascinated by all things futurist, and has been continuously involved in the creation of some of the most innovative new products and use cases that exist on the bleeding edge of emerging technology today.
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