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The world’s largest event dedicated to information and communication technologies for development was an opportunity to promote the transmission of knowledge and the discovery of immersive experiences. World XR was the official partner of the XR focal point through conferences and exhibitions.


As official curator, World XR has selected 9 immersive experiences through Aijing Cao, including Last Whispers, a project on the unprecedented disappearance of our linguistic diversity, designed, produced and produced by Lena Herzog.

Another attraction featured on the exhibition floor was the spectacular Birdly simulator, which allows the ultimate dream to fly like a real bird. Although this device is known to XR specialists, it remains to be discovered by the private sector, governments and organizations. ITU Secretary- General Houlin Zhao himself flew on Birdly.

XR selection

Last Whispers (Lena Herzog),

Re-animated (Jakob Kudsk Steensen)

Birdly (Max Rheiner)

Anote’s Ark (Matthieu Ritz)

Accused # 2: Walter Sisulu (Nicolas Champeaux, Gilles Porte)

The Atomic Tree (Adam Loften, Emmanuel Vaughan-Le)

360 Figaro (Jan Schmidt-Garre)

Great ChinaThe Hidden (Xu Xian)


Improve, develop and protect cultural heritage: World XR invited Max Rheiner (Birdly) and Lena Herzog (Last Whisper) to debate, beyond entertainment, on how to preserve and extend culture through new technologies and with VR as an educational platform.

Cinematographic VR from creation to technology: Presentation of Matthieu Ritz, the committed director of Anote’s Ark and Jiawen Gu of Tsinghua University who recently created his company Ray Shaper in Crans-Montana. Its main focus is cinematographic VR and putting into perspective the artistic, technical and ethical issues of 360 ° capture.

High Level

Salar Shahna advocated for the inclusion of women in technology and highlighted the link between virtual reality and access to information for all during the high-level session on gender mainstreaming, on gender equality. His statement is now published in the WSIS outcome document. The other panelists included leaders from YouTube, the European Commission, and the Israel Tech Policy Institute. Our special thanks go to the University of Geneva for including us in the Harnessing VR / AR’s Potential for Sustainable Spaces panel.

After a remarkable cable car ride to the top, the participants of the Sunset Cocktail at Cry d'Er were invited by Samsung XR to form a community of improvised dancers. Over 100 headsets made available to guests open doors to a retro-futuristic world. The VR experience transports us to a surreal and interactive dance floor, animated by the musical track "Runnin" by Reggie Watts and John Tejada and inhabited by dancers in color.

Artiste in Residence In 2018, Crans-Montana hosted for the first time a month-long artist-in- residence dedicated to the production of a work in virtual reality. The winner, Pierre Friquet, whose project for an underwater VR experience was selected by an international jury, set up shop at Sport Palace to create his prototype in the hotel swimming pool. Accompanied by Valérie Felix, Pierre found inspiration in Crans- Montana and continued to develop his project thereafter.

Live Performance Edo (Eduardo Fouilloux) is a Dutch visual innovator and a multidisciplinary craftsman of graphics, sound, computer science and interaction. He created the MuX software, a "playground for real-time sound exploration". It was revealed to the Forum by artist Mélodie Mousset. Immersed in VR in a 3D space the Chilean musician Max Q. Santander generates sounds and images in real time via MuX.

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